UTAH (ABC4) – The decision to sell 50ml bottles of alcoholic beverages in Utah state liquor stores is currently underway, according to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Services (DABS).

50 ml size bottles are a “commonsense offering,” says Michelle Schmitt, Communications Director for DABS.

The mini-bottles are available throughout the country for those who want to purchase a small amount instead of larger size bottles.

Schmitt says the department has heard from private store owners, called package agencies, that largely operate in tourist areas who say customers “want the option” to buy smaller sizes for “one or two drinks in their hotel room.”

The DABS Advisory Board held a meeting to discuss the matter on Tuesday, voting 4-1 in favor of the rule changes, and recommending their support.

Schmitt says the next step is for the rule changes to go before the Alcoholic Beverage Services (ABS) Commission, where a vote will be held on whether to pass the rule changes, advancing them to the Utah’s Office of Administrative Rules (OAR) for review.

This meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 26.

If the ABS Commission votes in favor, the OAR will look for stylistic edits so that rules throughout state agencies are “consistent with uniformity.” Schmitt says they also look for rule changes that might contradict other, already existing rules.

During this process, they will reportedly post the rule changes online for public feedback. After their review, there will be a 30-day public comment period and once that concludes, the ABS Commission votes to finalize the rule changes.

Schmitt says this will be “highly valuable” for ABS Commission members, so that they can consider public response in their decision on whether or not to finalize the changes.

If the final decision is approved, Utahns could see the sale of mini-bottles of liquor as soon as Fall 2022.