DA: West Jordan officers justified in shooting, killing robbery suspect

Local News

WEST JORDAN (ABC4 News)-  Officers were justified in the shooting and killing of a robbery suspect in May 2018, District Attorney Sim Gill said.

On May 28th, officials said 23-year-old Michael Glad robbed a 7-Eleven at gunpoint. 

Body cam shows an officer in the area attempting to stop Glad who he found walking down the street shortly after the robbery.

The officer is seen on video commanding Glad to stop.

“The suspect has actually pulled out a gun and actually points it at the officer,” Gill said.

Video shows the officer pull out his gun and seeking cover behind his police truck to put distance between himself and Glad.

The officer continues to tell Glad to put the gun down as he calls for backup.

“Put the gun down man, it’s not worth it,” the officer said.

The officer continues to attempt to de-escalate the situation and walks across the street to separate himself from Glad, who is seen on video walking closer to the officer.

At one point, a Good Samaritan comes to the scene and offers their vehicle for the officer to hide behind.

*WARNING: This video may be disturbing to some. Viewer discretion advised*

Shortly after, Glad jumps into the officer’s police truck and speeds off, clipping a few cars as he goes through the intersection.

Two other officers fire their weapons into the truck, hitting and killing Glad.

On Thursday, District Attorney said the officers were justified in the use of deadly force.

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