SOUTH SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Members from both sides of the aisle gathered inside and outside of a meeting of the Granite School District on Tuesday to make their voices heard on topics that were not on the agenda.

Before the meeting began, parents and community members lined the streets, with some waving American flags and others holding signs claiming the district silences parents and teaches students to be racist.

The signs and chants were in regards to critical race theory, a way of thinking about the U.S.’s history through the lens of racism, according to the Associated Press.

Critical race theory is not currently in the district’s curriculum, but it was a topic of discussion during the public comment portion of Tuesday’s meeting.

Two out of the three speakers chose to address why critical race theory should or should not be taught in the Granite School District.

The last speaker used her time to talk about the 11 individuals who now face charges after disrupting a Granite School Board meeting in May by chanting “no more masks” and intimidating board members. Just like critical race theory on Tuesday, masks were not a topic for discussion during that May meeting.

One of those individuals charged spoke with ABC4’s Jillian Smukler. While she is not allowed on district property, the woman says she decided to stand on the sidewalk outside of the meeting and make her voice heard to drivers instead of the board.

People gather outside the Granite School District’s Tuesday board meeting, holding signs. Among those is a woman charged for disrupting a May meeting of the board. She tells ABC4 she is not allowed on district property, prompting her to make her voice heard from the sidewalk. (ABC4)

A spokesperson for the Granite School District tells they enhanced security for Tuesday’s meeting, but ultimately did not need it.