HEBER CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Heber City Police and other agencies arrested two individuals for multiple crimes on Wednesday.

The suspects were arrested for theft, burglary, criminal mischief, drug possession, and communication fraud.

Police say the theft amounted to over $50,000.

Officials were able to recover some copper wire that was stolen. Each of the wire pieces is reportedly about two to four feet in length.

According to arresting documents, officers responded to Heber Light and Power on reports of a theft of copper wire from the plant. When officers arrived, they watched video surveillance of a man that came onto the property and went directly to a pile of copper wire.

The suspect was seen pulling the wire to the northeast corner of the Heber Event Center, pulling it through the fence.

Officials say they also found a cell phone next to a sweatshirt that had a pair of ratcheting cable cutters wrapped up in it with copper on the cutting blades and found the fence to be cut and a section that was bent over by culvert that was against the fence.

The phone is reportedly at the FBI crime lab with a warrant to determine who the phone belongs to.

Investigators say they walked the property with a Heber Light and Power employee and found several markings in the snow where the cable was pushed through the fence and a few pieces that were still stuck in the fence in the southwest fence line of Heber Light and Power.

Investigators informed the employees about cable cutters they found and he said the cable cutters belonged to Heber Light and Power and a mechanic reported them missing.

The cutters were valued at over $750, police said.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of the suspect and a while later, an employee called police officers to report that the suspect was found taking more wire from their location on Dec. 26.

The estimated total value of the copper wire stolen at that time is $10,000 total over the two robberies.

Justin Sessions out of Heber was arrested and he had a receipt for a significant amount of copper
on him.

The recycle value of the copper stolen was $2712.79. Officials say this is consistent with the
theft of the copper wire from Heber Light and Power.

According to a probable cause statement, Sessions returned to Heber Light and Power and took more strands of copper wire. Sessions reportedly took 4 ft. strands of copper wire from the same location.

Police said Sessions entered three different buildings at the plant and walked around with a flashlight through the buildings as if he was looking for something.

A probable cause statement said that all of the events of copper wire theft occurred during the same time at around 4 a.m. and he entered the facility from the same location at the northeast corner of the event center.

On Feb. 16, a theft was reported at Ace Hardware. Video surveillance showed
two people taking a Milwaukee power tool and placing it in a woman’s jacket. The woman then picked up the box and took her jacket off, according to a probable cause statement.

She reportedly then showed a man the item and placed it in her jacket.

Both individuals walked out the front door with the tool. The man was recognized as Justin Sessions and the woman was identified as Cassidy Sabey, a probable cause statement said.

When Sessions and Sabey exited Ace Hardware with the tool, an employee reportedly followed them out to the parking lot and saw them getting in a gold Buick that Sessions is known to drive.

Sessions was later pulled over and was found to be in possession of a backpack with his name on a charger in the backpack. Also, in the backpack was meth, heroin, and drug paraphernalia
and the Milwaukee tool taken from Ace Hardware, according to a probable cause statement.