PROVO, Utah (ABC4) – Firefighters responded to brush fire near Orem Wednesday afternoon.

According to Provo Fire and Rescue, the fire is located in the area of 400 N. River Park Dr.

The fire reportedly started after a lawn mower hit a rock, setting off sparks that ignited the brush.

Fortunately, crews were able to contain the fire to less than four acres.

The Orem Fire Department responded along with Provo Fire and Rescue as the fire threatened homes near the Provo and Orem border.

Photos taken at the scene show just how close the flames came to affecting nearby homes.

Officials say while the fire was an unfortunate accident, it’s a reminder for all Utahns to remain aware of fire risks this summer.

“Just because you can; doesn’t mean you should; BUT If you must; then please go to one of the fourteen parks designated as areas to use fireworks,” Provo Fire and Rescue said in a Facebook post.