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Creating Utah’s Newest Police Department

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HERRIMAN Utah (News4Utah) With just four officers – it’s one of the smallest police forces in the state of Utah, but that’s about to change. By September – the Salt Lake County city will add 30 more officers. And the man in charge of creating the new department says between now and then – there is a lot of work to do. Here’s this week’s Behind the Badge. 

Meet the Herriman Police Department. The newest police agency in the state. “Herriman City has never had its own police department – in its history – ever and we want to create what will be a long-lasting solid police department for the citizens.”     

Chief Troy Carr is in charge of setting up the department. Very seldom do you get an opportunity to build something from the ground up – especially a police agency.”  But that is exactly what he and his force of four are doing.  And there’s a lot to get done.  

“I was Sheriff for about a week on my own – and I realized it was a pretty weighty job – when you talk about fleet, training, policy all these things that need to be taken care of.”  

Everything with the Herriman PD, of course, is new. The police badge. The police uniforms. The police vehicles. “Dispatch, record management, policy, uniforms – all those things need to be addressed.”  

Chief Carr has been in law enforcement for nearly thirty years – starting in corrections in Salt Lake County. He was in patrol, gang investigations, sex crimes, search and rescue and K9 – where he says his partner Bear – may have saved his life. 

“What I didn’t know this person had crawled under a van with a 9mm Beretta. Had it aimed at us as we were coming around the corner.” “When he was ready to shoot us – Bear bit him in the actually in the jaw.” 

Chief Carr was already working in Herriman as the Precinct Chief for Unified Police before taking over the helm here. And early on in his career – he worked as a patrol officer here when the population was much smaller. “They had a Chevron and I think a stop light.” Herriman now has more than 40 thousand residents and its growing each year. And Chief Carr says he feels a great responsibility to serve and protect the community and his officers.

“I feel like in this position in my career I can be an advocate for them, and as chief of police, I can make sure they get the things they need to be safe and effectively enforce the law.” 

Chief Troy Carr comes from a law enforcement family. His brother Mike Carr is Chief of police in South Jordan. And his other brother is a detective sergeant with South Salt Lake Police. And his father was a chief deputy in Salt Lake County before retiring. 

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