Crash survivor creates viral video to thank nurse

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LINDON, Utah (News4Utah) – He posted a video, nearly 20 years after a deadly car crash, to say thank you.

That video has more than 30 million views:

On Thursday, Caleb Johnson spoke to News4Utah about the now-viral video.

The video is a thank you to the nurse who saved his life after a car crash in 2000. His parents were killed; Caleb was in the hospital with life-threatening issues. He was 13 months old.

“I’m like, who is this person? I want to find her. I want to tell her thank you,” said Caleb.

So, this holiday season, his family decided to help him make a video. On Facebook since Tuesday, the video already has more than 30 million views.

On Thursday, Caleb and his siblings were able to Skype with members of the medical staff in Texas who were there that day in 2000.

“The fact that they remembered us after all these years, and it was so good to be able to see them and just to be able to say thank you!” said Kirsten Moody, Caleb’s sister. She was in the van that day, too.

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