UTAH (ABC4) – After being named Utah’s official 18th Governor, Spencer Cox made a pit stop in Fillmore to sign his first Executive Order.

On January 4, following the state head crowning, Gov. Cox and Lt. Gov. Henderson began their return to Salt Lake City, but first making a stop at the Territorial Statehouse in Fillmore for official business.

“It’s important for us to remember all of Utah,” shares Gov. Cox. “We wanted to make sure that as we were passing through, that we’d have an opportunity to stop and pay tribute to those who came before us but also to those who are here now.”

The Territorial Statehouse is Utah’s oldest existing government building, and now one of 44 state parks throughout the state. It housed the December 1855 meeting of the Territorial Legislature, which was the only full session held in the statehouse. In December 1858, the seat of government returned to Salt Lake City. 

During the 20-minute pit stop, Gov. Cox signed his first Executive Order.

“It’s good to take inventory of state rules and cut red tape where it makes sense,” the new governor shares.

“It’s very important to both, Governor Cox and myself, that we remove barriers to entry in all aspects of Utah life,” Utah’s official 9th Lt.Gov. Deidre Henderson chimes.

Executive Order 2021-1 will require state agencies to review all occupational licenses to remove unnecessary barriers to work.

“Just as we don’t use the same software or computers we did even a few years ago, we may not need the same regulations over occupational and professional licenses,” Cox adds.

The governor stressed that regulations are meant to help communities thrive not hurt those wanting to grow.

“When I was a freshman Legislature…There was a lawsuit around some of the requirements we had for occupational licensing on braiding hair,” shares Cox as an example. “If you were going to be braiding hair and get paid for it, you actually had to go to beauty school. You’d have to go through about 1200 hours of licensing and it was incredibly expensive…In fact it took longer to get a license to braid someone’s hair than it did to become a pilot…And you can imagine who’d that hurt.”

These are the type of regulations that Cox wants to change.

After officially signing the order, Governor Cox then went on to ignite a cannon as tradition follows.

As Gov. Cox begins his reign, former Utah Governor and others welcome him to serve.

“As I leave office today, I know Spencer and Abby Cox will be tremendous leaders, and that together, they will take our state to new heights. God bless you all, and God bless the great state of Utah,” Herbert writes.

“We are excited to now be serving under @GovCox, our new Commander and Chief. Listen as he reported “10-41″ (On-Duty) this afternoon. We’re ready to go, Sir!” shares Utah Highway Patrol.

“I come to you from the smallest of small towns and the humblest of circumstances. In taking a sacred oath today, my family and I pledge our hearts and our hands to you these next 4 years. We will succeed together, as One Utah. Let’s Go,” the governor concludes.