TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) — A Taylorsville family is counting their blessings after their beloved puppy was hit by a car and rescued by a generous couple who, along with help from the community, would ultimately save his life.

It all began when the Osmonds went on a family vacation this October, leaving their one-year-old puppy, Cowboy Barry, with a friend in Orem. As the dog sitter took him for a walk one day, Barry escaped and continued running despite all attempts to catch him. In the pursuit, he would soon run out of sight.

“The closer they got to him, the further he had run away,” owner Ben Osmond said. “They lost track of him, couldn’t find him at all.”

Through social media, the family was able to track him down and, to their horror, discovered he had been hit by a car and were unsure if he would survive the accident.

The man who hit Cowboy Barry, along with his wife, searched and found the puppy after he ran off, rushed him to a local animal clinic, and did everything they could to ensure he was cared for, including using their own money to help cover his treatment.

“There’s a family out there…and this is their dog,” remarks Preston Strickland, who found and cared for him after the incident. “Of course, I wish I didn’t hit it at all, but I just knew I was the one that can really make a change.”

Once in care, the family learned that their dog had a fractured pelvis and would require an expensive procedure to have his leg amputated or else he would have to be put down — which they knew they couldn’t do.

According to the family, Barry has become a cherished part of the family in the last year, being both a daily reminder of joy and a source of comfort through tragic times.

Barry has been affectionately dubbed “Cowboy” Barry, as it was the name given to the clinic by the couple who found him without a collar, as well as for his strength throughout the ordeal.

Today, Cowboy Barry is on the road to recovery following his surgery, which will involve even more costly expenses to get him through extensive physical therapy. However, his family and the couple who saved his life are grateful he’s alive and making progress.

To help recover the costs of his surgery and physical therapy, Molly Osmond launched a GoFundMe campaign for Cowboy Barry.

She remarks, “He’s still a puppy, he survived for a reason, so I started researching ways to make a fundraiser.”

Molly and her family added that they’re very grateful to see the community donating to support Cowboy Barry and say even $5 makes a difference.

“He’s got some work ahead of him, and we also have some work ahead of us, but we’re willing to do whatever we can to help him,” Ben Osmond said. “It’s incredible to us that so many people care.”

If the fundraiser surpasses the needed amount, they mention they’ll use the surplus to help others in their time of need.

To support Cowboy Barry in his recovery, visit his page on GoFundMe to donate.