SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Cities around the country including here in Salt Lake City are easing mask requirements, but the CDC and local leaders said you have be fully vaccinated in order to do things without the mask. 

National leaders said it is not right to to go maskless using the honor system.

ABC4 surveyed 70 people, and of those, 57 (81%) were fully vaccinated and said they would feel comfortable proving they were. 

However on the other hand, many said this has to be based on more than just the honor system.

“It feels nice to finally be vaccinated and not have to wear that,” said Nate Luebbe. “I think I would feel more comfortable if either everyone was vaccinated or everyone wore masks until we knew for sure this was behind us.”

According to the unofficial poll, 10 of them had not had their first nor second rose round dose, and a few just has their first round dose. 

We asked 44 woman and 26 men whether or not they were fully vaccinated and if they would be okay showing or proving that they were.

We went around to Liberty Park, the Utah State Capitol, and City Creek for the unofficial poll. 

Father and son Darrell and Nate Luebbe said they’re okay with mask requirements easing, but think local and national leaders need more data and time to make a decision.

“I think it’s great we finally are starting to be able to go out without masks, especially outdoors,” said Darrell Luebbe. 

“We don’t really have a way to prove who is vaccinated and who isn’t, and I feel like saying you don’t have to wear the mask if you are vaccinated is kind of just an easy way for people who have not been following the rules to continue not following the rules and there’s no accountability,” said Nate. 

As ABC4 previously reported, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention eased mask-wearing guidance for fully vaccinated people last Thursday, allowing them to stop wearing masks outdoors in crowds and in most indoor settings.

In Salt Lake City, Mayor Erin Mendenhall said fully vaccinated visitors will no longer need to wear a mask in Salt Lake City facilities.