SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – With limited COVID-19 resources throughout the nation, Intermountain Healthcare launched a free, online symptom checker to help you know if you’re at risk for catching the virus.

The checker launched on Thursday, and Susan Tew, Intermountain’s consumer digital experience expert, said they’ve seen more than 77,000 people check to see if they’re in need of care.

“This allows us to treat them safely and to ensure they remain as safe as possible as they begin to interact with our healthcare system,” Tew said. “If they aren’t symptomatic, the best thing for them to do is social distance and remain as they have been.”

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to increase, Tew said the hospital’s COVID-19 call center has seen a large number of calls, but since the launch of the symptom checker, the call volume has decreased.

“Which tells us that people are getting the kinds of answers they need through the symptom checker and aren’t tying up lines with questions that may not be needed in terms of nursing or physician input or oversight,” Tew said.

On the symptom checker box, if you click ‘check me for it,’ the checker will ask you a series of questions that will either direct you to a call center, an emergency room or simply recommend you to stay home and stay healthy.

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