SALT LAKE COUNTY (ABC4) – The Salt Lake County Health Department has issued a public health advisory due to the substantially high COVID transmission rates.

According to the SLC Health Department, Salt Lake County is experiencing COVID-19 transmission at rates that haven’t been seen since almost a year ago in November 2020.

Due to the increased risk of reinfection and spread of Omicron, the Health Department has issued an advisory through January 31 for residents of Salt Lake County.

According to the advisory all individuals over the age of two years who can medically tolerate wearing a mask, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status or past COVID-19 infection, are advised:

• To always wear a mask when indoors in a public setting, including at grocery stores, building lobbies, offices, retail stores, school classrooms, childcare centers, and other common or shared spaces where individuals may interact such as restrooms, hallways, elevators, and meeting rooms.

• To wear a mask that covers the nose and the mouth and rests snugly above the nose, below the mouth, and on the sides of the face. Higher-quality masks, such as KN95s or KF94s, may offer additional protection.

• That wearing a mask is not essential in cases where an individual is actively performing an activity that cannot be done while wearing a face-covering such as sleeping; actively eating or drinking; practicing or playing a competitive recreational or professional sport; or performing, including but not limited to playing music, delivering a speech to an audience seated at least six feet away, and acting or singing in a theater.

  • All individuals, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status or past COVID-19 infection are advised to stay home when ill and obtain COVID-19 testing.
  • All individuals who test positive for COVID-19 are advised to follow current CDC guidance for isolation.
  • All unvaccinated/un-boosted individuals, including those who are eligible for a booster but have not yet received it, are advised to avoid large gatherings.
  • All individuals who are eligible for vaccination are advised to be vaccinated.
  • All individuals who are eligible for a booster and have not had one are advised to receive a booster dose.

The advisory will be issued until Jan. 31.