COVID-19 outbreak at Cedar Valley HS, test to stay protocol in place if criteria met

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EAGLE MOUNTAIN, Utah (ABC4) — The Utah Department of Health is reporting a COVID-19 outbreak in Eagle Mountain and more specifically at Cedar Valley High School, which has only been back in session for two weeks.

Alpine School District officials say there are 36 cases of COVID-19 there.

The district is going to offer free testing this Thursday and Friday.

As for Cedar Valley High School, the district spokesperson, David Stephenson, said it’s getting close to the test to stay protocols.

“Obviously that is somewhat concerning,” said Stephenson.

Cedar Valley is a part of Alpine School District which has 91 schools totaling 84,819 students.

There are 298 students currently diagnosed with COVID-19 and 36 of them attend Cedar Valley, a school with 2,809 students.

That doesn’t quite make up two percent of the student body which means the test to stay protocol is not in place just yet.

Alpine School District has this statement on its website:

Test to Stay protocol will be enacted if a school reaches more than 30 cases or 2% if a school’s enrollment is greater than 1,500.

“There’s an uptick in the Eagle Mountain community, so we have been working closely with both the Utah Department of Health and the Utah County Health Department,” Stephenson adds.

A parent with two kids in the school district said she does not feel like they are protected.

She said mask-wearing is low and social distancing is not a priority.

“It’s just frustrating,” said Patty Brown.

Brown had to take her son to a medical clinic Wednesday because he was exhibiting some symptoms of COVID-19, among others.

“One side our parents say mask up and the other camp refuses to mask them up,” said Brown. “That’s fine, but think about the spread at this point. I feel like it is science vs. politics.”

Stephenson believes the school district is handling COVID-19 protocols well.

“I think we are very understanding because we all had to wear masks with the mask mandate and I think for the most part our students are very caring and understand towards each other and respectful,” said Stephenson.

Charla Haley with the Utah Department of Health cleared up some of the confusion Wednesday.

She said there may be a delay in reporting a school-associated case to the Utah Department of Health.

This is because as Stephenson said the school nurse is usually the first to hear about a Covid case in school and then updates the district’s Covid-19 dashboard

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