Court appointed mentor charged for sexually assaulting 15-year-old girl

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SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A court-appointed mentor has been arrested and charged with object rape and enticing a minor after a girl disclosed “sexual encounters” between them while she was attending a program.

According to charging documents, a 19-year-old girl told police that when she was 15 she and Antonette Raina Ruiz, 26, had an “inappropriate sexual relationship”. At the time the incidents started Ruiz was 22.

Ruiz was employed as a court-appointed mentor through the Village Mentoring Project and at age fifteen the girl was court-ordered to participate in the program. Court documents state Ruiz requested that she personally mentor the girl.

During the course of the girl’s mentorship, the girl disclosed several cases of sexual encounters that took place.

The victim said Ruiz would put her hands down the girl’s pants and sexually assault her at different locations such as in the Walmart parking lot, while in the mountains in Cottonwood Canyon and while in the locker room at a community swimming pool, documents state.

The girl said Ruiz would also sexually assault her multiple times with different objects, according to documents.

Documents further state Ruiz would send the girl nude photos and after law enforcement contacted Ruiz, the girl said she watched Ruiz delete all of the information about their relationship off of her phone.

Police said in the deleted data was a string of conversations between Ruiz and the girl that included four nude photos of the girl.

During an interview with police, Ruiz admitted she gave the girl an iPhone and that the two “mutually kissed” and took a shower together. Ruiz said the girl tried to go down the front of her pants.

A $750,000 warrant for her arrest was issued on July 17 and she was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on Friday. She faces four first-degree felony charges of object rape, four second-degree counts of enticing a minor over the internet or text, and one third-degree felony count of obstruction of justice.

If convicted, Ruiz faces 15-years to life in prison.

A background check for Ruiz shows she was convicted of shoplifting in 2017 and again in 2018. She was also arrested for assault and domestic violence in 2015 and just prior to trial in 2016, the case was dismissed.

Sexual Assault: 

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