MIDVALE, Utah (ABC4) – A woman and her fiancee said they had just finished grocery shopping with their 9-month-old baby, and were putting their groceries in their car when a woman started yelling at them from across the parking lot.

Dakota Hallman said at first she wasn’t sure if she and her boyfriend were being confused for someone else.

“I thought she was just yelling at the wrong person. Cause she acted like she knew us or something like she had a problem with us,” Hallman explained. 

But the woman, who Tanner Maglesen, Hallman’s fiancee, said they had never met or even seen before, drove towards the couple in a silver SUV and pepper-sprayed them. 

Maglesen said he was sprayed across his forehead, side of his face, and back of the neck.

“It burns really bad, and it lasts forever, and you can’t take a shower to shower it off because it feels like it’s blistering and burning,” said Maglesen. 

The suspect then circled back around and sprayed Hallman in the face, as Hallman was calling the police. The pepper spray got in her throat and eyes. She said her first thought was her 9-month-old baby, who was in the vehicle.

Luckily, Hallman said they were able to close the car doors before their child was hit with the pepper spray.

“You can’t even defend yourself. I didn’t know if she was running up on me or the child,” said Hallman, who was afraid of what the woman might do. 

A spokesperson for the Unified Police Department said they have yet to identify the suspect but said she appears to be a white woman with a medium build. Hallman said the woman appeared to be in her early thirties.

Hallman and Maglesen said they decided to speak up before more people are targeted.

“You don’t know what someone is capable of doing in that situation, if they’re willing to just come up and pepper spray someone they’ve never met, you don’t know what they’re capable of,” said Maglesen.