Couple loses home and pets to Ogden fire

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OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – It’s been two days since a fire ripped through an Ogden neighborhood leaving several people without a home.  

What started as a typical Monday night turned into a nightmare for Ogden couple Brandon Kilburn and his fiancé Jeremy Rosser.  

 “My whole room is like lit up, like there’s a bunch of lights outside,” Kilburn explains.   

An orange glow, the smell of smoke, and a heat that can only be described as being in an oven, took over the couple’s home.  

“I kind of knew in that moment that we only had minutes to spare at most to get out, so I turn to Brandon and tell him to leave right now,” Rosser states.  

With the fire inching closer, Kilburn and Rosser had no choice but to leave and as they state, ran for their lives.                 

“I didn’t quite look back at the house probably because I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to see our whole life go up in flames,” Rosser says.  

“By the time I got across the street, I realized I couldn’t go back and all the thoughts ran through my head of what I should’ve done,” Kilburn notes.

More then 48 hours later, both are forced to think about the ‘what ifs’ as they remember their cat and two dogs that were lost in the fire.  

“It’s awful to have to make that decision. It’s such a hard decision to have to make between your life or theirs,” Rosser explains.  

Not only did they lose their three pets, but their two cars and everything inside of the home.  

“This was our house…this was our neighbor’s house… just like the same as ours just everything gone,” Rosser shares.  

Despite everything in their first home being completely destroyed; they are focusing on the good, including the fact that they made it alive.  

“Yeah, we very well could’ve been in the rubble,” Rosser says.  

 If you want to help this couple you can donate to their Venmo and GoFundMe.  

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