Could the admissions scandal happen in Utah?

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – A college admissions scandal is rocking the nation. Now 33 parents plus coaches and administrators at half a dozen top universities have been charged with bribery and fraud. Today we ask the question: could this happen in Utah? 

Jacquelyn Orton is a volunteer college admissions advisor. Says she’s helped more than 70 students get into their dream colleges, most of whom are from low-income families, struggle with learning disabilities, or come from homes where English is not the primary language.

She says cheating is rampant right here in Utah.

“Proctors being paid off, the testing system being gamed, colleges and universities people being paid off, that’s going on right here in Utah, it’s going on right here in Salt Lake City.”

She says one of the most common ways is by faking a learning disability.

“They are using learning disability accommodations in order to secure an advantage in testing for their student who does not otherwise qualify for learning disability accommodations.”

Students who qualify with a learning disability often take standardized tests alone with a single proctor and are given more time to complete the test. 

She says that the problem will only be resolved if people report instances of cheating that they see. You can report to the Justice Department here.

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