Cougar safety tips: Things to know if you live, recreate where cougars live

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Utah (ABC4) – Utah is no stranger to cougars. According to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, DWR, “Utah is cougar country.”

A cougar broke through the glass to get into a Salt Lake home, Tuesday. Unfortunately, cougars are often cited in Utah cities.

In an effort to keep Utahns safe from the predators, the DWR has released some cougar safety tips.

Officials say the main prey of cougars is deer, so cougars will often be spotted wherever deer are. “They will also eat elk, antelope, small mammals, and birds,” as stated by the DWR.

Below are some things the DWR says to remember if there are cougars near where you live and recreate:

  • Don’t leave children outside unattended, especially at dawn and dusk.
  • As a deterrent, install outside and motion-sensitive lighting around your property.
  • Trim vegetation and remove woodpiles to reduce hiding places for wildlife.
  • Bring pets and livestock inside at night or secure them in a barn or kennel with a top.
  • Provide secure shelter for hobby farm animals such as poultry, rabbits & goats.
  • Do not hike or jog alone.
  • Travel in groups and keep everyone together including children and dogs.
  • Make noise while hiking to alert cougars of your presence.
  • Leave the area if you find a dead animal, especially deer or elk, it could be a cougar kill. The cougar may return and defend its food.
  • Keep a clean camp. Store food and garbage in an odor-free, locked container or hung between two trees where cougars (and bears) cannot get it.

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