COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah (ABC4) – A newly completed solar array has been installed at City Hall in Cottonwood Heights. The occasion was marked by a ribbon-cutting ceremony held by city officials on Friday, Sept. 23.

The solar array was installed on the rooftop of City Hall thanks to a grant from Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky Program. The grant covered $366,181 – roughly 70% – of the project’s cost. The solar array is designed to offset about 67% of the building’s annual electricity usage.

“This project was a joy to be a part of because it not only represented a major stride toward our sustainability goals as a city but gave us an opportunity to collaborate with so many partners, which is how important change is made – at a collaborative, community level,” said Samantha DeSeelhorst, Cottonwood Heights associate planner and sustainability analyst. “Thank you to everyone who made this project possible, especially the Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky customers who helped fund the grant that supported this installation.” 

Cottonwood Heights adopted a goal to achieve clean, renewable electricity for city operations by 2022. The goal is spread that city-wide by 2023. Cottonwood Heights officials say the initiative was spurred by residents, students, and nonprofits who asked the city council to support and sign a clean energy resolution in 2019. 

The solar array atop Cottonwood Heights City Hall helps the city achieve this goal.

Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky program provides Utahns an option to match all or part of their energy use with renewable energy. While reducing their carbon footprints, participants in the opt-in program support qualifying renewable energy projects for community-serving organizations such as schools, community centers, and arts organizations.