‘Cookies for Cops’; Springville family raises money to support law enforcement

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SPRINGVILLE, Utah (ABC4 News) – Crystal Mateer of Springville comes from a large law enforcement family, her husband, Jordan, was good friends with Officer Joe Shinners of the Provo Police Department who lost his life in the line of duty. So, when their two daughters, ages 8 and 5, saw how their loved ones in law enforcement were recently being attacked, they asked their parents if they could simply take some cookies to their local police department.

“My children couldn’t understand why they were watching people they love being attacked and spit on and had things thrown at them and they know a lot of officers have lost their lives throughout the United States recently and it really crushed them,” says Crystal Mateer. “My eight-year-old said to me ‘well can we at least take some cookies to the Springville Police Department?'”

When Mateer’s daughters knew they had their mom’s support, they then asked if they could expand their service and try to raise money to buy some Chip Cookies to deliver to officers all over the Wasatch Front.

The Mateers then messaged some local business and friends and in about two hours they had about $1,000 donated, all in support of the little girls buying cookies for cops. Within a week, over $2,500 was donated and when Chip Cookie heard about what the family was doing, they gave them a 20 percent discount for all their orders.

“We just went through and looked at every police department in Utah, Salt Lake, and Weber counties and we found out that with the money we were able to cover many of those police departments in those counties,” says Mateer of her daughter’s efforts.

The Mateer family delivered their first batch of cookies on Tuesday evening and ended up delivering 90 boxes of Chip Cookies until midnight.

“I have never seen them so excited,” says Mateer of her children’s reactions when delivering the cookies. “The officers have been so amazing and sweet. We have spent sometimes 30-40 minutes with police departments. It has been really amazing for my kids to see the officers on more of a humanistic level.”

And while the kids have enjoyed brightening the cops’ day, the cops have seemed to be enjoying it just as much.

“We have had officers in tears just appreciating what we have done for them and saying that they just really need the support right now,” Mateer recalls. “They said that any little thing that regular people do whether that becoming and giving them a hug, or telling them that they appreciate what they do, it means the world to them. I think it is really getting the officers through their day-to-day and it is important to them.”

While the Mateer’s efforts are simple, they hope that this accomplishes much more than just bringing sweet treats to cops.

“I hope that people see that (an issue) doesn’t have to be one-sided, we don’t need to be so radical on either side of this issue,” says Mateer. “I think that we can stand up for racial issues and we can stand up for possible justice reforms in some areas but we can also stand up for law enforcement. They love us and I think that everyone just needs to try to be empathetic and try to understand both sides of the issues and fully come together and to make things better together.”

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