SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – A man who was convicted of child sex trafficking was charged on Wednesday, Dec. 29 after allegedly kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman in her own apartment.

Saquan Marcell Smith, 30, has been charged at the Third District Court in Salt Lake County with one count of forcible sexual abuse (second-degree felony), one count of burglary of a dwelling (second-degree felony), one count of robbery (second-degree felony), and one count of aggravated kidnapping/unlawful detention (third-degree felony).

According to the probable cause statement, Smith approached a stranger while she was walking her dog and asked for a cigarette. After the woman reportedly gave Smith a cigarette, he began following her back to her apartment, where he allegedly took her keys from her hand.

Smith allegedly forced himself upon the woman while in the elevator on the way to her apartment and used the keys to enter her apartment. Police said Smith can be seen in camera footage from the woman’s Ring doorbell fumbling to unlock the door.

While in the hallway, police said the woman attempted to get away and could be seen crying, as Smith allegedly held her from behind.

Once in the apartment, the woman can allegedly be heard telling Smith to leave her apartment. The affidavit said Smith is instead seen pulling on the woman’s arm and forcibly kicking her out of her own apartment.

While being interviewed by police, Smith reportedly claimed he and the woman were friends and spent time together. He allegedly told police they had never dated or been in a sexual relationship, but that she invited him over and was hugging him in the elevator. Smith said he also used her phone to call his bank to transfer $30,000 of his $90,000 in savings, but canceled the transfer after she got upset.

The woman reportedly told police she didn’t know Smith and that he was a stranger. The affidavit said officers reviewed the woman’s phone and saw she called her boyfriend 21 times and police, but no other outgoing calls were made.