OREM, Utah (ABC4 News) – Conrad Truman, who was convicted in the 2012 shooting death of his wife, then acquitted in a second trial, has lost his lawsuit against Orem City police and prosecutors involved in the case.

Truman was convicted in the 2012 death of his wife, Heidy Truman. After his conviction, new evidence of miscalculated measurements was presented, which ultimately led to an acquittal in his second trial in 2017.

Truman and his attorneys claim Heidy shot herself, despite Truman originally telling arriving officers his wife had been murdered and was acting erratically in a hunt for her killer, according to documents.

Truman claims said he was wrongfully incarcerated, wrongfully interrogated, that his statements were obtained illegally, that the evidence submitted was falsified, he was subject to “malicious prosecution,” and had an unfair trial, documents state.

U.S. District Court Judge Ted Stewart dismissed Truman’ case Thursday after saying there was no evidence where any reasonable jury could conclude the police or prosecutors made up or withheld evidence during his first trial.

Truman claimed the probable cause statement was based solely upon the tainted and falsified information by police.

“The court has reviewed the affidavits and warrants issued by other district court judges in this matter, and sees no reason the warrants were not supported by affidavits showing probable cause,” stated the court documents. “There were enough facts presented to show such things as a defendant covered in blood, from the alleged victim in the area where the defendant claims the sound of the pop came from, the defendant making threats, being evasive about a handgun and other details, the defendant making admissions and inconsistent statement, created probable cause a criminal homicide has been committed by the defendant.”

As far as the medical examiner who had originally ruled Heidy’s death as homicide then later changed to inconclusive, the court said there was nothing indicating the first ruling was intentionally falsified.

A civil lawsuit filed in federal court over Heidy Truman’s estate is still pending.

Heidy Truman died of a gunshot wound on October 1, 2012

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