SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The University of Utah is investigating how two women managed to get into a recent football game at Rice-Eccles stadium topless.

It happened at Saturday’s game against Southern Utah University.

According to the University, the two women entered Saturday’s game topless and wearing body paint over their torsos. One mom who was at the game with her kids recounts seeing the women as they were waiting to enter the stadium and claims catching a side view glimpse at the women’s nipples. Melea Johnson who posted about the experience on her Instagram garnering a massive response from people on both sides of the issue says she was appalled by not only what she saw but also that no one seemingly did anything right away.

The University says an officer did eventually approach the women and told them to put shirts on to which the women complied.

In an interview with ABC4, Johnson says this was her first time taking her son and daughter to a Utes football game. “I was shocked waiting for someone to stop them and no one did,” says Johnson.

University of Utah officials say an investigation is ongoing but it’s unclear what sort of charges these women may face…if any. In 2019, a 10th Circuit Court ruling from Colorado allows women to be topless in public. That ruling applies in Utah as well as other states.

However, the state does have a lewdness law.

According to Utah Code Section, 76-9-702 – Utah State Legislature exposure to one’s genitals, the female breast below the top of the areola, the buttocks, the anus or pubic area or any other act of lewdness is prohibited and counts as a class B misdemeanor.

Johnson says the point of drawing attention to the incident is in line with the lewdness law, and about basic decency at a public outing where young children may be present.

“I was so concerned about shielding my children from seeing that because there were only a few people in front of us my husband and I saw the backs of them immediately and saw they weren’t wearing anything, and we went into panic mode as parents,” Johnson explains to ABC4.

She also shares her concern that if the University doesn’t take action, it may send a message that this behavior could continue at future games.

On the other hand, students ABC4 spoke with didn’t seem bothered by the incident, “I really don’t think it’s a big deal, they (the women) were over 18, they’re in a crowd of people who are mostly over the age of 18, it just shouldn’t be that big of a deal” says U of U student Irey…who didn’t want to share her last name.

Just recently, the University posted a list of behaviors that they say will not be tolerated in their FanUp initiative, some of these include alcohol possession, public intoxication, vomiting, excessive language, rude and disrespectful behavior.

The University released a statement addressing the issue:

“We want to be very clear that profanity, public intoxication, rude and disrespectful behavior, racial and derogatory comments or verbal attacks directed at individuals or groups will not be tolerated,” stated President Taylor Randall and Athletics Director Mark Harlan stated in a letter to all football ticket holders.

“Anyone who engages in unsafe or inappropriate conduct will be removed from the premises, may lose all privileges and access for future university events and could be reported to law enforcement,” the letter continues. “We encourage all of you to help us identify and call-out inappropriate behavior so that our event staff can ensure a safe and great experience for our student-athletes, coaches, staff and spectators. If you see something, say something!”

University Police say they are hoping to make contact with women at some point this week.

As fas as Melea Johnson, she tells ABC4 that she hopes something is done because her family would like to continue attending future Ute games this season.