WEBER COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) At Weber High School there is a saying: “Strongest when we stand together.” One day after students and parents learned about law enforcement arresting a student for potentially planning an attack, community members are reminded just how important it is to stand together.

One student told ABC4 the school’s motto will now be truer than ever. “I think we’re going to be, like, a little more cautious about, like, especially what we say to others now,” Tenley Hooton stated. “Like, not that we haven’t been cautions before but, like, that kind of just, like, set it off now.”

Hooton and her classmates reflecting on the importance of kindness Wednesday. This coming after the Weber County Sheriff’s Office released a statement Tuesday evening announcing that on September 23, it received a tip from the FBI about a potential threat against the high school.

The sheriff’s office and Pleasantview Police Department worked together on the case. The sheriff’s office said investigators found the potential threat to be from a student.

In the statement, the sheriff’s office explained: “Through the course of the investigation, evidence was found leading investigators to take the 15-year-old into custody.” This came shortly after getting the tip from the FBI.

While this all took place nearly a month ago, parents and students didn’t know anything about it until October 19. In an email sent out to parents yesterday, the school district stated: “We want to make you aware of a situation involving a student who was potentially planning to carry out a school attack. The threat involved some planning on part of the student but there was never an imminent danger to the school or other students.”

Later that same evening, the district released a formal statement to ABC4. Part of is said: “The district has opened an internal investigation into the matter and will take appropriate action against the student as deemed necessary.”

“The fact that the cops were able to get a handle on it and get that taken care of pretty quick,” Aaron Neilson told ABC4 Wednesday afternoon. He lives across the street from the high school. Next school year, he and his wife will have a child attending Weber High. “You know, that’s pretty cool that they’re paying attention to that kind of stuff.”

From neighbors like Aaron Neilson to parents like Bridgette Hooton who told ABC4, “I’m glad the authorities were involved before things got worse.” to dozens of online commentors, the community is thankful for law enforcement today.

Multiple students told ABC4 that while they are surprised that this happened at their school, they’re not afraid of this type of incident will occur. They said this is something they’ve grown up learning about and preparing for, so it’s just part of their day-to-day life.

In fact, they said their day carried on as usual. “It was pretty much the same,” stated Tenley Hootan.

Some parents believe this is a reminder to pay close attention to what your kids are doing online. “I think we need to have parents involved a little bit more because kids are our most prized possessions,” Tenley’s mom Bridgette Hootan said as she lovingly looked at her daughter.