CLEARFIELD, Utah (ABC4) – A community is coming together after a large fire burned down a popular pizzeria. While some are simply sad to see the Circle Inn Pizzeria go, others are just grateful to be alive.

ABC4 Utah spoke with Randy Allred who made it out with just the clothes on his back. He worked at the restaurant for 20 years and had even lived in the basement of the building.

However, after losing his eyesight he couldn’t work there anymore. He was in the process of trying to find another place to go but now all his belongings are gone. 

“I was woken up by somebody banging on the door,” Allred said.  

A fire erupted inside on Sunday night as police rushed to evacuate the building. 

“I went to open the door and it was more smoky out there than inside. So, I didn’t know what to do,” Allred recalled. 

Fire officials said no one was inside the Circle Inn Pizzeria at the time of the fire. Except for Randy, who was in the basement. 

“Everything that I had was down there I couldn’t seem to find anywhere to go,” Allred said. 

He told ABC4 Utah he lost everything in the fire including his clothes, furniture, and all of his belongings. 

“I mean nothing was new, I didn’t have anything that was nice, but it was all mine…everything was paid for,” Allred lamented. 

Despite losing everything he’s worried about the family business and what this fire means for them. After working there for 20 years, he had gotten to know the family extremely well. 

“I know everything they did was to keep their business going for their kids and grandkids and now it’s all just gone,” Allred said. 

However, this family business and its customers were worried about him. 

“Two customers stayed with me for hours and I don’t know these people. They just saw I was in need, and they helped,” Allred said. 

After the news of the fire broke on social media, many customers weighed in asking how they could help. 

Hope Winter told ABC4 Utah she grew up in Clearfield and learned about the fire in one of the Facebook groups she is in.  

“Somebody had commented and said someone lived there and they were homeless now and I just commented ‘Hey if they need somewhere to stay get in connect with me,” Winter stated. 

A few hours later she met up with Allred for the first time. 

“He kept apologizing to me and kept saying sorry that he was such a burden and that he didn’t want to burden me, and I kept saying it’s fine it’s fine you need my help,” Winter recalls. 

Winter said she was moved knowing he lost everything and was still worried about others. 

“He’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met. He wants everyone to know that the owners of Circle Inn are the best people in the world. And he doesn’t want anything for himself. But there’s really nothing for him so I think he needs the most help,” Winter said. 

Knowing some of Allred’s darkest days are ahead of him she is hoping others will step up and rally around him. 

“I think it’s treating people the way you want to be treated. If there’s a situation you need help in,” Winter said. 

Winter has set up a GoFundMe for Allred to help get him back on his feet.

She also is accepting donations for Allred at 3330 S Midland Drive Apt. E103, West Haven UT 84401.

Disclaimer: ABC4 is not responsible for any risks assumed in making a donation via GoFundMe.