Community mourns loss of 3-year-old killed in Provo crash

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PROVO, Utah (News4Utah) – The local community is mourning the loss of 3-year-old Chelsea Parkinson.

“That driver’s families will be changed for the rest of their lives and the Parkinson family has been completely devastated and crushed by this,” said Cassidy Wattleworth, a family friend.

Chelsea’s mother is still recovering in the hospital.

Officials say she hardly remembers the crash.

“She was unconscious for a day, but she’s up and walking now,” said Nick Dupaix, a Provo Police detective.

Fortunately, Chelsea’s father has been released from the hospital, and her baby sister — once in critical condition — is now expected to survive.

The crash happened Sunday on 3700 North University Avenue. Three-year-old Chelsea and her baby sister were in their car seats, as their parents waited for a green light.

Police say there’s reason to believe the driver, who was going 50 miles an hour at the time of the collision, was possibly impaired.

“It seems like it at this time but before we can make a final determination, we do have to wait for those results,” said Dupaix.

If the toxicology results are positive, the unidentified driver could face vehicular homicide.

“I hope that that’s not the case but if it is, then justice would need to be served in that matter,” said Wattleworth.

Nathan Leifson says he attended the same church as the Parkinson family on that fateful Sunday.

“It’s terrible and so sad that something like this could’ve happened – especially thinking this possibly could have been avoided,” said Leifson.

Family member, Brett Parkinson, released a statement about this tragedy to News4Utah.

It read: “Our family very much appreciates the love, care, concern, and prayers from the community during this time.”

If you’d like to help the Parkinson family financially, you can find their GoFundMe page. 

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