PROVO, Utah (ABC4) – “It is a mess.”

County Commissioner Tom Sakievich, like so many in Utah County and beyond, is wondering how the county sheriff and attorney got here.

Two dueling press conferences in one day last week — the sheriff detailing a sex abuse investigation, the county attorney claiming he was wrongfully named in court documents — have left Utah County residents confused.

“How did this document that they both referred to a week ago, how did it come into their possession? Who released it? Why was it released?” said Sakievich.

On Wednesday night, Sakievich put the possibility of an investigation onto the county commission agenda. The sheriff’s office said an investigation would interfere with an ongoing child sex abuse investigation.

“Sakievich says he withdrew the agenda item because of concerns expressed about how it was written. He proposed striking the agenda item and the other commissioners voted to strike the item as well.”

“I find this interesting as well as disturbing that the commission has placed this as a public agenda item,” said Sheriff Mike Smith at the meeting.

“The sheriff’s office has no problem with transparency,” added Smith.

Smith says an investigation would intimidate victims and witnesses and people working on the case, which has been in the works since 2021.

Sakievich says that, for now, an investigation won’t be happening, but he expects one to happen at some point.

County attorney Mike Leavitt says the upcoming Republican primary for county attorney proves this is about politics.

A statement from his office sent to ABC4 reads:

“The Utah County Sheriff’s Office appears to have been collaborating with a convicted sex offender, who is awaiting trial for rape in an attempt to influence the Utah County Attorney election. It must be investigated and if confirmed, those who participated in it should be held accountable. Utah County Attorney David Leavitt applauds the County Commission’s intent to both investigate it and to do so in such a way that avoids further political interference.”