SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Award-winning comedian Bill Engvall is coming out of retirement for one night in October, taking the stage for a good cause and bringing the laughs to Salt Lake City.

Engvall will be performing on Oct. 7 at Abravanel Hall with all proceeds benefitting the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah.

During a visit to Good Things Utah on Tuesday, the comedian recalled how a Great Horned Owl named Ollie inspired him to return to the spotlight for this solo show after having retired from his over three-decade-long comedy career last season.

According to Engvall, the owl was living above the front door of his Utah residence for weeks. One day, he and his wife noticed the bird lying in their driveway with an injury.

Feeling a need to help, the couple carefully put Ollie in their truck and drove him to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah. After roughly six months of rehab, Ollie was released back into the wild near Engvall’s home and became a father to four baby owls this last season.

“I didn’t even say ‘let me think about it,'” says Engvall. “They do such a great job and this benefit is for them to have, what we call, a ‘forever home’ where they don’t have to move anymore.”

Earlier this year, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah was reportedly told it would need to relocate its facility in Ogden to make way for a new parking lot owned by the neighboring George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park.

Now, with this upcoming benefit, Engvall and the organization hope to find a permanent facility for the nonprofit to continue its rehabilitation of roughly 4,000 injured animals every year.

Tickets for the show at Abravanel Hall can be purchased online via the Salt Lake County Arts & Culture website.