SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Police are still looking for details in a suspicious death from Monday morning.

Salt Lake City Police said a man was found dead at a construction site around 7 a.m. near Smith’s Ballpark.

Police responded after construction workers called 911 to report the death.

“At this time is it just a suspicious death and based on standard protocol our homicide detectives come out on these types of investigations to collect any evidence, speak with witnesses, and get surveillance footage all before we can really determine what is going on,” said SLCPD Sgt. Mark Wian.

We spoke to a few people who visit the area often and ride the UTA, which is right next to the scene where the dead body was found.

We asked them if it is safe.

Tre Kruitbosch said no.

“Just cause of the homeless population and everybody will do anything to get their fix around here,” said Kruitbosch.

ABC 4 asked Kruitbosch if he feels like that is a dig on homeless people and generalizing them.

“No, not so much,” said Kruitbosch. “It is not so much a dig at homeless people because I have been there done that.”

Fin Vehikite said yes.

“It is all love you know,” said Vehikite. “I mean just try to be mindful of others and what they are trying to do too and just remember we are just trying to make it.”

Salt Lake City Police said they need help from the community to figure out what happened.

“That’s important,” said Wian. “Those people need to come forward and let us know what happened or what they might have seen.”

The department added the man’s matter of death is still under investigation.

If you know anything that could help police solve this suspicious death, give them a call at 801-799-3000.