GARFIELD COUNTY, Utah (News4Utah) Utah investigators ask for help identifying a murder victim from a 20-year-old cold case. 

They believe a woman found in 1998 is the victim of a Colorado serial killer. 

It’s the exact opposite of a typical “who done it.” Investigators have zeroed in on a possible suspect, but the victim remains unknown.

“It’s just really tragic and really sad,” said Agent Brian Davis Utah State Bureau of Investigations, who has worked on the case for two years.  

The woman is dubbed the “Maidenwater” victim after she was discovered on April 20, 1998, by a person driving on SR-276 near Maidenwater Spring and Canyon Area in Garfield County.  The woman had been shot before her body was covered in plastic bags, wrapped up in duct tape, tied with a rope, placed in a sleeping bag and then wrapped in a childrens’ play mat. 

“Someone loves her. Somebody out there is missing her has missed her. Where are those people,” Agent Davis said. 

Agent Davis believes he’s one of 21 possible victims of Colorado serial killer Scott Kimball. He’s serving 70 years in the Stirling Colorado Correctional Facility after being convicted of killing four people, including his uncle. The FBI and Utah Bureau of investigation believe evidence found at the scene matches his other murders, even down to the complex knots used to tie her up. Kimball’s son recognized the play mat as one he purchased in 1998. 

“Certainly he’s intelligent and he knows how to play games and he’s played head games with detectives for years and years and continues to do so,” Agent Davis said. 

The evidence hasn’t been enough for charges, according to prosecutors. Investigators have run into dead ends. Between 2008 and 2011, Agent Davis said the evidence was retested with new technology. But still, no DNA matches. No dental records. No fingerprints. 

Just the body of a woman between 37 and 45-years-old believed to be of Native American or Hispanic descent. She is approximately five feet tall, weighing 112 pounds with brown eyes and hair. She has a mole on the right ear and possibly tattooed eyebrows. 

If you have any information about this case, please call DPS dispatch at 801-887-3800.