SANDY, Utah (ABC4) – Sandy residents have gotten used to seeing Mayor Monica Zoltanski’s red cowboy hat as a signature piece around town. Now, residents may start seeing another new fixture – a cockatoo.

Sandy City has a new mascot a 21-year-old cockatoo named Titan.

Titan was given to the city by a resident. The 90-year-old man had recently lost his wife and was having a tough time caring for their beloved cockatoo. The bird has been very attached to his wife and would sit on her shoulder and say, “I love you.”

Titan will now be in the daily care of Sandy Animal Services. He has become a favorite during the many educational tours given at the facility. Who knows, maybe Titan might get his own red cowboy hat and a special seat at City Council meetings.

Cockatoos have an average life span of 20-40 years in the wild but typically live between 50-70 years in captivity. There are some reports of cockatoos living to reach almost 100-years-old.