Cluster of officer-involved shootings illustrates effectiveness of de-escalation

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SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) – The Salt Lake Valley has seen five officer-involved shootings in the last nine days, three of them deadly.

These tragic incidents call into question the method officers use to assess a situation and attempt to deescalate it before violence is necessary. 

De-escalation has become something of a buzzword around policing; each department enforces and trains it differently.

Salt Lake City Police Detective Michael Ruff explained, “It depends on what we’re dealing with, you might do one thing one time and not do it the next, there’s no checklist, no specific route to follow, every situation’s unique.”

The five officer-involved shootings in the last nine days show just how variable these situations can be. In the first, a Tooele officer shot multiple rounds but nobody was injured.      

In the case of Diamonte Riviore, police responded to a domestic violence-type call. It was reported that officer attempted to Taser him, but the Taser failed and officers shot Riviore twice in the chest. 

Four days later in Orem, police responded to another domestic violence call. Officers said that they tried to use a Taser 17-year-old Jacob Albrethson, but again the Taser failed and officers felt compelled to shoot. 

James Kuehn was shot but survived after police said he robbed a store at knife-point. 

Thursday night Andrey Tkachenko was killed by police. No word yet on if officers attempted to use less lethal methods first. 

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