SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The Clark Planetarium has announced the opening of Space Explorers: The ISS Experience, which will premiere July 29 in the Hansen Dome Theatre.

The film will take audiences “250 miles above the planet” to experience life on the International Space Station (ISS), following a crew of astronauts as they arrive aboard.

The film is meant to allow folks watching to “discover the joy, wonder and danger of living in space.”

After years of training on Earth, the crew must “overcome disorientation from microgravity,” and have the ability to respond to potentially catastrophic emergencies and learn to operate as a close-knit team.

NASA astronauts Anne McClain, Christina Koch, and Nick Hague, as well as Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint-Jacques will be featured in the film.

Audiences will share in the joy of seeing McClain experience her first sunrise from space, as well as learn about how astronauts adapt to floating and being upside-down.

“Space Explorers: The ISS Experience goes beyond the typical ‘hero story’ that we usually hear about astronauts,” says Clark Planetarium’s Dome Theatre Manager Brandon Crowley. “The film shows a months-long mission in an alien environment and how space affects the crew members – from living in microgravity to seeing Earth hanging in space outside the window.”

It was filmed entirely onboard the ISS using a specialized 3D, 360-degree virtual reality space camera and is reportedly the largest production ever filmed in space. It was created in collaboration with the ISS, U.S. National Laboratory, NASA, the Canadian Space Agency, and other space agencies involved with the ISS.

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