SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is reportedly donating $44 million to help mothers and children in 30 countries.

The church is providing that money to support hunger relief efforts of CARE, Catholic Relief Services, Helen Keller Intl, The Hunger Project, and several others.

Blaine Maxfield, managing director of the church’s Welfare and Self-Reliance Services, said this collaboration will provide relief to vulnerable children and mothers worldwide. According to Camille Johnson, the church’s Relief Society General President, feeding the hungry is foundational to the church.

“We are grateful to have the means to collaborate with wonderful organizations and provide relief to children and young mothers in dire need,” she said. “As we serve together, we extend the reach of Christ’s loving arms.”

As the world faces a hunger crisis, the United Nations World Food Program USA reported that more than three million children will die from malnutrition just this year. Additionally, half of children globally suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies, stunting growth, according to the church.

CARE USA President and CEO Michelle Nunn said she is “immensely grateful” for the funding from the church, as the money will help them scale up their work in countries like Ethiopia and Ghana — improving the well-being of thousands of children and their families, according to the church.

Catholic Relief Services, according to the church, will improve the nutritional status of nearly 165,000 adolescent girls, young mothers, and their children.

Helen Keller Intl is reportedly helping women maintain healthy pregnancies and babies have a healthy start to life.

The Hunger Project, according to the church, is helping mothers and children get sustainable nutrition. Additionally, they are reportedly spreading public awareness of the best practices for clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.