SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Christmas Eve didn’t stop Utahns from waiting until the very last moment to fill out their Christmas list before the big day.

Christmas was just one night away. “Excited and I can’t sleep, I can’t take a nap,” one eager young shopper said. But before the presents made it under the tree, some shoppers waited till the last second to get their gifts. 

“I have to, otherwise my wife will kick me out. I got to get something for her,” shopper Jose Ramos said. 

An array of presents were purchased on Christmas Eve. “Shirts, necklaces, a new wedding ring,” shopper Diane Nutter said. “Bought my dad some socks and my mom some chocolate,” shopper Sophie Young said. 

Total Christmas costs spent this year ranged low to high.  

“33 dollars,” Sophie said. “Probably over a grand,” shopper Wyatt Thompson said. “Close to like 300 dollars,” Sophie’s brother Kayden Young said. “It’s probably four thousand, five thousand,” Diane said. 

Shoppers said they’re feeling inflated prices pinch their pockets much more this year than in years past 

“Food is more expensive for sure,” shopper Matt Pusey said. “We did notice everything being more expensive,” Diane said. “They definitely got more expensive,” Sophie said. 

With rising costs, retail analysts said people are buying seven less gifts this year than last year. But shoppers said Christmas must continue, whether that’s buying less or cutting costs in other places. 

“Just saving a little money, just saving a little things, just not spending as much as what I used to spend, that’s what I do,” Jose said. “It’s a little more difficult but people are making it happen,” Wyatt said. 

And shopper Claire Pusey said the best part about the holiday aren’t even the gifts at all. It’s spending some time with family. “We all like to, you know, get together with family and have a lot of fun together. I suppose that’s the best part,” shopper Claire Pusey said.