WOODS CROSS, Utah (ABC4) – A child sex abuse suspect, who officers had received a warrant to search his house, took his life during a SWAT standoff Friday afternoon.

Officers arrived at the suspect, Brain Craven’s, house around 8 a.m. Friday afternoon to serve a search warrant on the suspect’s home after more of his victims came forward with information. A previous search warrant was executed in October 2020 on that same house on aggravated sexual abuse of a child charges.

Court Documents state Craven was facing five felony charges involving sex abuse, including two counts of first-degree aggravated sexual abuse of a child.

The probable cause affidavit shows police interviewed at least six victims, some as young as 12 years old. It also states the abuse happened as far back as 2008. Police said Craven groomed the victims giving them treats and a “fund place to hang out that is free from judgment and a place of secrets.”

According to court documents, victims said Craven threatened them, saying he would have their family deported and he would kill himself if they ever told police.

That case was coming to pretrial on Friday.

Officers said when they knocked on the door Friday morning, they didn’t get an answer and the door was breached. The suspect was at the top of the stairs and for an hour, officers were trying to get him to come out.

The South Davis SWAT team was called to the scene and after two hours of failed negotiations, officers decided they would throw gas into the house to get the suspect to come out.

Police believed that the suspect had surrendered all of his weapons last year, but were unsure if he had obtained more weapons since then.

An unknown source told police that the man had a handgun in his nightstand.

SWAT negotiators talked more with the man who then gave them a time in which he agreed to come out of the home.

When that time expired, SWAT police sent more gas into the home, and then the suspect shot himself, according to police.

There was nobody else in the home when the incident happened.