UTAH (ABC4) – Jonathan Soberanis has been charged with sex abuse, lewdness, and assault, but in every instance, a judge has dismissed the case ruling he is not competent to stand trial. 

After several cases were dismissed and new charges have been filed involving child pornography, the Utah Attorney General’s Office is now involved, but the case keeps getting pushed back. 

The delays in the current case stem from the same issue that has caused a judge to dismiss past charges — Soberanis’s mental health. A second psychological evaluation is holding up court proceedings. 

Soberanis currently faces several charges including first-degree felony child sex abuse. His first competency hearing was scheduled for May 23. It was then scheduled for June 6 and then June 27. It was then rescheduled to July 18. 

On July 18, the prosecutor said the doctor responsible for this second mental health evaluation has requested several extensions. The judge said nothing was filed for Monday’s scheduled hearing, not even an extension request. During the proceedings, the judge again moved back the hearing to August. 

Stephanie Davis has been following this case ever since she says caught Soberanis peeking in on her son at their home. 

“I’m fighting for all the children, all the families that have been affected by him,” says Davis. “And by me staying active, they know I haven’t gone away, that I’m still here and I’m still gonna fight him and the system and all of it. I’m still here. I’m not going away.”

Davis said she’s grateful that for the time being, Soberanis will stay in jail with no bail. 

Soberanis is also facing several child pornography charges. Court documents also state Soberanis is being investigated for an additional incident involving a child in a restroom at his place of work.