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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah(News4Utah) It’s been a year since the launch of Downtown Rising. Nick Como, Senior Director of Communications and Marketing of the Downtown Alliance, and Ben Kolender, Deputy Director of the Salt Lake City Department of Economic Development, joined Emily Clark, to share the update.

What is Downtown Rising?

Downtown Rising is an initiative of the Downtown Alliance that develops and implements economic development strategies and influences public policy to enhance downtown’s economic prosperity and regional competitive advantage.

The Downtown Rising Action Plan is intended to be a living, breathing document that will respond over time to downtown’s ever changing needs. Based on input from the Downtown Rising Steering Committee, staff will refocus efforts and include additional objectives as needed.

What are some of the major projects and initiatives of Downtown Rising?

The plan is broken into three major categories – short term objectives (1-3 years), medium term
objectives (3-5 years), and ongoing objectives (5+ years). The public has likely heard discussions on some of projects:

Short Term Objectives:

  • Cultural Core – initiative has been launched. Goal now is to implement one-year plan that will focus on brand development, place-making, and redevelopment strategies.
  • Transportation – as population continues to grow we need to be forward thinking about our transportation needs, especially downtown where the daytime population nearly doubles each day during work hours. Looking into downtown office transit pass, burying power lines on 500 and 600 south (Grand Boulevards).

Ongoing Objectives:

  • Housing – Salt Lake City launched “Grow SLC: A Five Year Housing Plan”
  • Goal now is to work with State, County and City officials to determine additional ways to promote affordable housing development without stifling market growth.

How does Downtown Rising impact economic development efforts?

A healthy and vibrant downtown is essential for the economy of Salt Lake City and the state. Many of the City’s focuses and initiatives align with the projects outlined in the Downtown Rising plan. The City has a focus on arts, culture, and entertainment. This overall effort helps them to promote the reasons Salt Lake City is a great place to do business. The City is focused on affordable housing. They want their employees in SLC to be able to live in the city.

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