Chase of fugitive unfolds on police scanners

Local News

SPANISH FORK (News4Utah) – The apprehension of wanted shooting suspect Justin Gary Llewelyn unfolded in Utah County and over police radio calls Wednesday afternoon.

Scanner audio obtained from Broadcastify reveals that officers had Llewelyn under surveillance in a Provo dog park.

“I think we’re going to move a sniper up in the bushes to the east of the park if you’re good with that,” an officer asks over the radio.

Before a sniper could be deployed Llewelyn got into a pickup truck and took off going south on State Street with 4 police cars close behind.

“The suspect is immediate public safety risk,” an officer warns. “Wanted for attempted homicide of a police officer and a citizen.”

The chase reached estimated speeds of 70 to 75 miles per hour then officers considered spinning out Llewelyn’s truck with a Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) maneuver.

“Remember he is armed and threatened more shots toward officers. So in consideration of that PIT,” an officer said.

Two minutes and 17 seconds later, a Utah County Sheriff’s deputy slammed his truck into Llewelyn’s.

“Utah County car just took him out on a pit maneuver and he’s going to bail out of the car. Stand by,” an officer said. “Give me containment on Main Street North East and West.”

“Slow everyone down,” an officer says. “He’s complying.”

“We need medical for this deputy,” an officer says. “Possible broken arm.”

Finally, it’s over with a Code 4 meaning “no further assistance needed” and a Code 10-82, “suspect in custody”.

“We’re at 625 North Main,” an officer said. “Everyone is Code 4. Suspect is 10-82. All officers are Code 4.”

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