OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 Utah)- An Ogden couple accused of abusing and killing their 3-year-old daughter videotaped themselves taunting her with food and abusing her, charging documents said.

The parents, 25-year-old Miller Costello and 22-year-old Brenda Emile, were taken into custody July 6th after 3-year-old Angelina Costello was found dead with obvious bruising and cuts.

Documents say when police arrived on scene rigor mortis had began to sink in. Officials say she appeared malnourished.  

“The child victim’s stomach was sunken in, her legs and arms appeared thin and atrophied with no visible muscle tone or definition. The child victim’s facial features were also sunken in, void of definition from muscle or fat,” the documents said.

Police say during an interview with the mother she admitted to using makeup to conceal some injuries “so they didn’t look as bad”. Investigators found several pictures and videos on Costello and Emile’s cellphones showing the couple presenting food to Angelina and them “removing it from her and disciplining her”. 

“One video shows [Costello] using the feet of an infant child to kick [Angelina] in the face. In the videos the child victim is in an obvious state of emotional duress and distress,” documents detailed.

Costello admitted to police he knew his daughter needed medical attention. He told police often times he would return home from work to find new injuries on Angelina. Emile would tell him Angelina was injured by another sibling or had fallen down, document said.

“Emile told Costello that she did not want to get medical attention for the child victim because she did not want a police investigation or to have her children taken from her.”

Investigators also found the couple is tied to a transient Romanian gypsy community. They found thousands of dollars in their possession and police believe the couple has the means and ability to flee.

Costello and Emile have two other children. Police said the 4-year-old boy and their newborn girl were removed from the home in “good condition” and are in protective custody. 

They remain in Weber County Jail.