ST. ANTHONY, Idaho (ABC4) – One year ago today, police found the remains of missing Idaho children Tylee Ryan and J.J. Vallow on Chad Daybell’s property. This morning, Chad Daybell appeared before a judge to enter a plea for murder charges.

“Mr. Daybell, I will advise you of the charges that are pending against you and explain the penalties associated with those charges,” stated District Judge Steven Boyce at the begining of the arraignment hearing.

The judge briefly described the new criminal charges filed against Chad Daybell by the prosecution at the end of May.

During the meeting the prosecution held to announce those additional charges Rob Wood said the charges were filed “to bring justice to Tammy Daybell, Tylee Ryan, and J.J. Vallow.”

Six of the new charges Chad Daybell faces include conspiracy to commit murder and first-degree murder in the deaths of all three of those forementioned people.

During the hearing, Daybell entered a plea of not guilty to every charge. However, he was so quiet the microphone did not pick up sound.

His wife, Lori Vallow Daybell, faces similar charges. However, her case in on hold.

On Tuesday, the judge ordered her to be committed to a mental health facility for the next 90 days for treatment. According to court documents, the court believes Lori Vallow Daybell, “lacks fitness to proceed in that the defendant is incapable of assisting in the defense of this case.”

Chad Daybell will be back in court in two weeks on June 23 for a scheduling conference. At that time the judge may set a date for his jury trial.

During the arraignment hearing, the judge also explained to Chad Daybell all the possible consequences for each charge. If he is found guilty for any one of the three murder charges the judge said “it is punishable by death or imprisonment for life, and it provides if the death penalty is not pursued by the state, then the court should impose a life sentence with a minimum period of incarceration of 10 years.”