CENTERVILLE, Utah (ABC4) – Representatives of the Centerville Police Department (CPD) have released body cam footage today of an aggravated arson incident targeting a Centerville family that took place last month.

Ammon Arson Woodhead, 37, was charged on August 19 by the Davis County Attorney’s Office with:

  • Two counts of Aggravated Attempted Homicide, a First Degree Felony,
  • One count of Aggravated Robbery, a First Degree Felony,
  • One count of Disarming a Police Officer, a First Degree Felony,
  • One count of Aggravated Arson, a First Degree Felony,
  • One count of Aggravated Burglary, a First Degree Felony
  • One count of Possession/Use of a Dangerous Weapon by a Restricted Person, a First Degree Felony,
  • One count of Theft, a Third Degree Felony,
  • One count of Vehicle Burglary, a Class A Misdemeanor,
  • Two counts of Assault Against a Peace Officer, a Class A Misdemeanor,
  • One count of Interference With Arresting Officer, a Class B Misdemeanor. 

CPD reports that a man, later identified as Woodhead, entered a family’s home located at 329 East 1825 North on July 21 at 2:30 p.m. At the time, the home was occupied by three people. 

According to a police statement, “Woodhead entered the home demanding money, he aggressively assaulted two of the residents, proceeded to pour gasoline inside the home then ignited the gasoline causing the home to burn.” In the body cam video released today, you can hear Woodhead yelling about the devil at 5:58. 

CPD says that the home was unrepairable and two of the residents had to be hospitalized due to the injuries they received. Additionally, police say that six Centerville officers were treated for smoke inhalation, while Woodhall allegedly bit one officer on the arm, drawing blood. In the body cam video released, you can hear one CPD officer gagging from smoke inhalation at 6:25. 

In the end, police say that Woodhead was arrested and transported by ambulance to a hospital where he remained for the following five days and was treated for lung damage due to smoke and heat exposure. 

CPD noted that they “encourage those observing this body camera video to take notice how many times officers risked their lives to save others and to remove Woodhead from the burning house. We also want to point out the professionalism displayed by Centerville officers as they effected the arrest and cared for Woodhead after removing him from the hazardous zone,” including the one officer who was especially attentive to Woodhead even after being bitten by him.