CENTERVILLE, Utah (ABC4) – A man was arrested after he set a Centerville home on fire and for assaulting its elderly occupants Thursday.

The 37-year-old man caused nearly $1.2 million in damages after entering a home containing several elderly people, officials say.

The man entered the home with gasoline, claiming to have a knife. He also punched two of the elderly victims, causing them to suffer from blunt force trauma injuries.

After the suspect ignited the gasoline in the home, he exited the house and then attempted to steal the homeowner’s car, but was unsuccessful.

Six police officers were treated for smoke inhalation.

Neighbors told police that the man was in the area earlier acting “erratically.”

The man is currently in custody and being held on several charges.

He is believed to have been under the influence of controlled substances, according to police.

ORIGINAL STORY: Centerville home intruder allegedly lit house on fire, multiple victims sent to hospital

CENTERVILLE, Utah (ABC4) – A person was arrested Thursday for allegedly breaking into a home and lighting the house on fire.

The home invasion happened at 329 E 1825 N in Centerville.

Police said the suspect was armed, entered the house, and then lit the home on fire.

The suspect was pulled from the home while it was on fire. Police say he resisted arrest.

Multiple victims were sent to the hospital.

The entire home was destroyed and two other homes are damaged.

The homeowners told police that they do not know the intruder.

ABC4 will be live streaming a press conference on the incident at 4:30 p.m.