PROVO, Utah (ABC4) – It’s kindness week, how are you promoting it?

On April 19, Provo is kicking off kindness week, and prompting others to connect more within their communities.

“Kindness starts here,” shares the city.

Anyone interested in participating is welcome to try out any of the city’s four activities:

  • Community Cafe Conversations
  • The Kindness Pledge
  • Kindness Bingo
  • Kindness Week Celebration

As the city celebrates love, respect, and kindness, Provo city officials share that each day is filled with events to encourage many to pay it forward. One event is a community panel.

The panel, Community Cafe Conversations, invites the public to share dialogue on developing community strength and respect.

Community members are encouraged to share their feelings, thoughts, and ideas toward how the city can improve and grow, whether that be through hospitality or small acts of kindness.

Courtesy of Provo City

According to the city, the virtual discussion is to take off on April 22 at 7 p.m. Officials say anyone who participates in the conversation will also receive a free t-shirt or a yard sign.

If you are interested in being a part of the conversation register here.

The city’s second event, The Kindness Pledge, invites the community to take an oath of kindness and respect.

In order to do so, citizens are asked to print off the pledge sheet and take a picture of them holding it. They are then asked to share the image on Facebook or Instagram and tag @provokindness and #kindnessstartshere for a chance to win gift cards to local restaurants!

The third event, is Kindness Bingo. This family-friendly game is perfect for any game night you have planned this week.

According to the city, the game not only seeks out a clever way to share kindness but it also aims toward connecting with the community on a larger scale.

Bingo challenges include tasks like: Think of someone who needs a lift – heart attack their house, praise a local business online, write encouraging notes and leave them around your neighborhood, etc.

Courtesy of Provo City

Anyone wanting to get their game on is asked to print off one of the two kindness bingo sheets available and document their progress.

According to officials, once you get a bingo, you also win a free t-shirt.

The last city-sponsored event, Kindness Week Celebration, is to kick off on Saturday, April 24 from 1:00-4:00 p.m., at Kiwanis Park.

Provo City states that the event will include food trucks, booths, activities, and prize drawings! And those who participated in Kindness Bingo and/or Community Conversations will be able to grab their prizes.

Masks are required for this event.

However you may spend your week, Provo reminds you to stay kind.