SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Dozens of cattle ran through downtown Salt Lake City to kick off Pioneer Day celebrations.  

The holiday cattle drive is just one of the events this week, expected to draw in a stampede of people from around the world and bring a boost to our state economy.  

Utah’s pioneer day rodeo kicked off with something one could call udderly a-moo-sing 

“You don’t see this on the streets every day especially downtown,” onlooker Cambrie Dansie said. 

Longhorn cattle walked down the roads of Salt Lake City. 

“Taking us back to the pioneer days I don’t know I can’t help but reflect on it when I’m down here thinking it’s kinda cool to see seeing these big giant beasts walking by as cars drive by I don’t know it’s just kinda cool,” onlooker Natalie Dansie said. 

Cattle hoofed it up the streets and Governor Spencer Cox and First Lady Abby Cox saddled up to help herd those cattle from downtown Salt Lake to the fairgrounds. 

“We just kept pinching ourselves, we can’t believe we’re doing this and so today is going to be the very best day,” Governor Cox said. 

The rodeo brings in a crowd and valuable revenue for the state. 

“This is a big week we have people coming in from all over the world to come and celebrate with us, so it’s big for downtown but it’s big for across the state from an economic perspective,” Governor Cox said. 

And July 24th, Pioneer Day, gives people a chance to celebrate a holiday uniquely for Utah. 

“I just love that we have an extra holiday in July to think about where we came from and our pioneer ancestors,” 

“There were a lot of people that sacrificed that gave us this amazing city and amazing state,” Governor Cox said. 

Starting tomorrow you can see food trucks, bull riding, fireworks, and more at the rodeo to celebrate Pioneer Day.