Cats and cocoa at Utah’s Hogle Zoo offers up close view with tigers and leopards

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Salt Lake City, Utah (ABC4 News) – Kids and adults alike got a chance for an up-close view of the tigers, leopards and snow leopards during Hogle Zoo’s cats and cocoa event held Saturday afternoon.

Big cats love Utah winters and the cold temperatures have them showing off their thick, lush winter coats.

Zookeepers also held a training demonstration and had cat enrichment program throughout the two-hour event.

Cat lovers were treated with a free cup of hot cocoa, were able to watch a cat demonstration and the little ones got to make a cat mask. 

Animal artwork was on display and for sale during the event with proceeds directly benefiting big cat conservation. 


– The Zoo’s big cats all grow an extra 2 inches of fur in the winter.

– Snow Leopards use their long tails to protect their faces from wind and cold.

– A tiger’s stripes are like finger prints: no two are exactly alike.

– Hogle Zoo has numerous conservation partners working to save these beautiful species in the wild including Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance and Snow Leopard Trust.

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