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OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 News) – Another organization that has been affected by the pandemic is CASA also known as Court Appointed Special Advocates. They’ve had to switch to virtual conferences which can be a challenge for children, according to a coordinator.

One coordinator told me there are many challenges that come with a position like this, but they are in dire need of volunteers.

Virtual conferences are something many have grown accustom to during this pandemic, but according to Natasha Weston, this is a challenge for children in abuse cases that rely on that contact with volunteers from CASA.

“Children are engaged by time spent with them, and I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to have a phone call with a 4-year-old,” said coordinator for CASA, Natasha Weston.

CASA is meant to keep an eye on children and make sure all their needs are being met, according to Natasha Weston.

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“If you think about it, just a normal day to day life, there are a lot of people that are doing those things like teachers, coaches,” said Weston.

But without school and with isolation going on, Weston says there could be risk factors and possibly more cases of abuse once the pandemic is over. Weston says there is a need for volunteers across the state of Utah.

“The most important quality we’re looking for in our volunteers is someone who can be consistent and dependable, these kids have a revolving door of people that are in their lives,” said Weston.

Weston says they ask for a year of volunteers’ time and you’re to meet the child twice a month. CASA is training volunteers through video conferences. For more information go to


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