Carol Bundy and Jeanette Finnicum speak about their husband’s battles with the Federal Government

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The wife of Nevada Cattle Rancher Cliven Bundy and the widow of Utah rancher Lavoy Finnicum spoke about their husband’s battles with the U.S. Federal Government. 

Carol Bundy and Jeanette Finnicum spoke at Salt Lake City Community College campus in an event title “From Bunkerville to Malheur: An incredible journey that captured the world”. Lavoy Finnicum was shot and killed a state trooper more than two years ago during the occupation of the Malheur federal reserve in Oregon.

Cliven Bundy was imprisoned for his role in an armed standoff with Bureau of Land Management officials who seized his cattle over nonpayment of a grazing fee on federal lands.

“The patriots from across the nation came and stood beside us and you know what. No one was harmed,” Carol Bundy said. 

“No shot was fired. The only thing we had was God on our side and a whole lot of stubborn men and we won and we won and we brought our cattle home and they’re still out there today”

Jeannette Finnicum filed a wrongful death lawsuit Friday in Oregon. She also signed copies of her husband’s novel “Only by Blood”

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