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Caregiver overhears need and gives his kidney

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MURRAY, Utah (News4Utah) -Intermountain Medical Center is used to saving lives through organ transplants, but sometimes the very people who are busy saving lives need the life-saving measure themselves.   

Kingslee Teo, 24, overheard his coworker, Monica, talk about her husband dying of kidney disease.  Kingslee did the extraordinary thing by donating a kidney.  

Monica Anderson and Kingslee had only been working together for a couple of months as caregivers at Intermountain Homecare in Ogden.

Monica is used to caring for her patients but she couldn’t save her own husband Jason. He had been sick for 18 years and on dialysis for the past for years.

“It seemed pretty hopeless at times,” said Monica. 
“You’re going to die is what he told me,” said Jason.

Kingslee overheard a conversation about Jason’s health and just like that, decided to donate his kidney.

“It’s crazy, he did something like that,” said Monica. 

“Me being healthy enough to do this has been a blessing,” said Kingslee. 

After 6 months of tests, the transplant was given the green light. The life-saving surgery happened two weeks ago at Intermountain Medical Center. 

More than 114,500 patients are on the national transplant waiting list, enough to fill the largest college football stadium.

“For me, talking about living donations makes me emotional because when we see the best of the humanity of organ donation is the ultimate gift,” said Dr. Manuel Rodriguez, Intermountain Medical Center Transplant Program.

“I call him my personal Jesus. To me, he’s my savior,” said Jason. 

The three hope people will hear about their story and it will convince others to save a life.

Twenty people die every day waiting for a kidney transplant. There are nearly 800 people currently on the organ transplant list in Utah.

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