Carbon High School teacher tests positive for COVID-19, district feels prepared in its response efforts

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PRICE, Utah (ABC4 News) – A Carbon County teacher is in quarantine for the next several days following a positive COVID-19 test. The school district and local health department say there’s a plan in place for anyone who may test positive.

It’s the first week back to school for students within Carbon School District, and two days into the new school year, parents of students at Carbon High School were made aware that a teacher tested positive with COVID-19.

A parent – who would like to remain anonymous – sent ABC4 News the message they received:

“Attention Parents: One Carbon High School teacher tested positive for COVID-19. The teacher DID NOT teach this week and DID NOT come into contact with students. However, the teacher did have contact with five other teachers. Under direction of the Health Department, all six teachers are being quarantined as a precaution to protect students.”

School district superintendent Lance Hatch said the teacher did not have any contact with students and did not come into the school once she began to feel sick. The district was notified late Thursday night of the positive test results.

While the situation is not ideal, Hatch said the district feels prepared in their COVID-19 response efforts.

“It’s been a good thing in that regard. I feel like we’re on the right track,” Hatch said. “We know how to respond. We know what we’re going to do.”

While COVID-19 continues to impact the state, Hatch said teachers and students are wearing masks, practicing good hygiene and social distancing measures in their efforts to mitigate the risk of the respiratory virus within their schools.

“We are taking every precaution that we feel like we can. At the same time, we recognize that we cannot eliminate the risk because nobody can,” Hatch said. “But the efforts we have made have been nothing short of Herculean in trying to mitigate that risk and reduce that risk as much as possible.”

The school district is working closely with the Southeast Utah Health Department and director Bradon Bradford said current efforts to limit the virus are important to limiting the spread.

And he said if a person tests positive, it does not mean the entire school will be sent home.  

“We’re going to be diligent about where those kids were and who they were with,” Bradford said.

If a student is sick, Bradford and Hatch encourage parents to keep their child home.

Carbon School District has a back-to-school plan available online and the Southeast Utah Health Department will keep track of the number of COVID-19 cases within schools.

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